Wednesday, June 29, 2011

SEO -Too Fast or Too Slow?

It's always a challenge getting top placement on Google.  Many like to think their sites magically make it to page one without any hard work.  There is a secret sauce we like to use for our clients in order to get them page 1 ranked.  Typically we provide a competitive keyword analysis to get you started, and let you know which keywords you should be targeting for your business.  Then we do our thing and Voila! Your site will start to make its way up the ranks.  Part of the success is attributed to the hundreds of SEO tools offered online.  It's definitely finding the right combination of tools and implementation to make things happen.

Let's be real, how long should you expect until you start to see results and moving up the ranks? Depending on how competitive your keywords are will determine how much work needs to go into the back-end.  Sometimes you can go from page 2 to page 1 in Google in a few short weeks; sometimes it's days.  If you are targeting a bunch of highly competitive keywords, it might take a few months before strategy lends itself to Rockstar placement.

Also pay attention to your sitemap; as you make updates to your site, your sitemap will change, and it's important to update it with Google.  There are a plethora of Google webmaster tools to aid in getting things done when it comes to sitemaps, blogs, tracking, and more. When designing a new website, you must implement SEO tactics from the get-go. Don't wait because it's that much harder when you have to implement after you launch.  The web design is everything as long as it's SEO friendly.

If you are employing all possible SEO efforts and you don't see any viable results, it might be time to contact a professional.  SEO is more than fixing some onsite metadata.  Keep that in mind and know that the value of good placement means everything as new visitors to your site equate to conversions.

Friday, June 10, 2011

TOP 25 - June 2011 Edition - Charlotte Twitterati™

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CGR Creative is excited to bring you the second posting of our Charlotte Twitterati. The Charlotte Twitterati is our monthly index of the Queen City’s most influential citizens. Each month we present an updated list of the top 25.

Last month we had over 8,000 page views from all over, coming to check out Charlotte's TOP 25. So keep up the great work, and we'll continue to recognize those individuals who are spreading positive influence to the masses.

Top 25

  1.  Jeff Elder - @jeffelder - 123
  2.  Donna Maria Coles Johnson - @indiebusiness - 122
  3. Quote Of the Day - @quotetheday - 119
  4. mommywords - @mommywords - 116
  5. Uncle Bob Martin - @unclebobmartin - 116
  6. Chris Harrington - @chrisharrington
  7. Jeff Gluck - @jeff_gluck - 114
  8. TweetMyJOBS- @tweetmyjobs - 114
  9. Brandon Uttley - @brandonuttley - 110
  10.  Robert Enriquez - @roberte - 108
  11. Mysty Wuori - @mysticle - 107
  12. Osfoora - @osfoora - 107
  13. Charlotte Observer - @theobserver - 104
  14. Brad Williams - @chrisharrisnfl - 103
  15. The Android Site - @theandroidsite - 101
  16. Genevieve Jooste - @GenevieveJooste - 100
  17. Lauriana Zukowski - @laurianaz -99
  18. Sandy Salle - @hillsofafrica -99
  19. Discovery Place - @discoveryplace - 94
  20. Marc DeCaria - @MarcDecaria - 93
  21. SPEED - @speed - 93
  22. Denny Hamlin - @dennyhamlin - 92
  23. Scott Speed - @scottspeed - 91
  24. Bite of Charlotte - @biteofcharlotte - 89
  25. Jeff Gordon - @jeffgordonweb - 89

How We Calculate It
The Top 25 is determined by combining individual scores from and We get the initial list from the top 50 listed on and We create a list of all the names and then look at their Klout and PeerIndex scores. The composite totals give us the monthly Charlotte Twitterati.

Charlotte, NC
According to, Charlotte is the 27th most active city in the United States and 41st in the World. This is based on number of users listing Charlotte, NC on their Twitter profile.

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About CGR Creative
CGR Creative is a full-service advertising agency located in Charlotte's historic Southend area. We offer web design, graphic design, search engine optimization, printing

Who Did We Miss?
Do you have any recommendations for a highly influential, Charlotte-based user we missed? Please send us an email with your nomination and we will add them to the index. Send your message to

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