Tuesday, August 13, 2013

CGR Creative Offering Innovative Marketing Solutions As A Leading Charlotte Marketing Company

Nestled in the historic South End, CGR Creative is quickly becoming the preferred Charlotte marketing company for SEO, graphic design, and web development.  Led by President and COO, Julio Colemenares, and CCO, Jason Ramsey, CGR Creative has been in business for over a decade, bringing lasting marketing concepts to the city’s most elite organizations.  The company consists of a core team of marketing professionals with a variety of specialties, which allows their strategies to cross all visibility spectrums, from Branding to PR.

The Charlotte marketing company takes great pride in not only their concepts, but also their culture.  The diverse group of individuals, handpicked from a variety of industries, provides a dynamic powerhouse of innovative, and above all, applicable ideas.  Sure, many companies can come up with off-the-wall marketing techniques, applying the spaghetti technique for implementation (throw it to the wall and pray that it sticks), but CGR believes that the true value of an idea lies in the creative implementation.  

Utilizing both “old-school” and “new-school” techniques, CGR Creative has formed the perfect mix of innovation, and implementation the grasp any modern audience.  Accepting any challenge, and rejecting all impossibility, the Charlotte marketing company has tackled an array of extraordinary concepts, bringing their clients to the forefront of the consumer mindset.  From successful rebranding, to strategic media buys and online optimization techniques, CGR Creative has been a valuable partner for all of the organizations it represents.

For more information regarding CGR Creative, contact the Charlotte marketing company today, by visiting their website, or calling one of their business development representatives today at (704) 334-3322.