Monday, April 5, 2010

Need a Reason to do Search Engine Marketing?

Need a Reason to do Search Engine Marketing? We'll Give You 10!

1 Targeting: Search engines allow you to market to people who are already interested enough in your products and services to get online and type in key words related to your product or service. These people are far more likely to seek you out and are much more likely to buy from you than some random individual who hears about your company. Unlike most traditional forms of marketing, they are looking for you!

2 Timing: Search engines allow you to market your product or service to searchers at the time they are interested, even 2 a.m. on Christmas morning, or while they are at work. What other form of marketing allows you to give them what they want, whenever they want it?

3 Visibility: Search engines allow consumers and businesses to find you easily. Even obscure and hard to define products and services are easy to find via search engines.

4 Measurable Results: Everything in Search Engine Marketing can be tracked, including what site a visitor came from, what keyword they typed to find you, how long they spent on your site, which pages they visited, etc…. Everything.

5 Trust & Reputation: Consumers have learned to trust the companies at the top of Google as being the most reputable and trusted sources in their niche.

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