Friday, April 30, 2010

Charlotte Ad Agency CGR Creative Launches New ROI Tracking System

Charlotte Ad Agency CGR Creative Launches New ROI Tracking System

April 30, 2010 - Charlotte, NC Charlotte Ad Agency CGR Creative has developed a new method of tracking the performance of your advertising dollars. Now, advertising clients can track exactly how effective all of their advertising elements are. CGR's new TrackIt System can measure online and offline advertising components. From business cards and billboards to email blasts and web promotions, CGR can now pin down exactly how many clicks, calls, and orders are being generated and by which particular advertising element. For example, if a company advertised the same product on three different websites, five billboards, a postcard, two flyers, and four magazine ads, CGR Creative can now track how many website visits, telephone calls, and orders were generated by each of those fifteen different campaign components. Then the customer can make an educated decision regarding which efforts to maintain and which to discontinue. If one of the magazine ads isn't generating results, the client can put those funds toward an area of the campaign that is working.

This level of detailed information used to exist only for online advertising elements, but CGR's TrackIt System provides return on investment information for every type of marketing or advertising effort. The applications are limitless. If a company wants to compare three similar advertising ideas, they can simply measure which of the three provides the best results. In the past, many companies have relied on their staff to ask clients, "Where did you hear about us?", or, worse, they asked their clients to fill out annoying little comment cards. Neither of those methods have ever provided accurate information; the forgetful employee or the less than enthused client are hard challenges to overcome. CGR's TrackIt System is totally seamless so the user never sees a survey, interacts with a username, or enters a password. The system is invisible to your clients and to your staff.

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About CGR Creative: Charlotte based CGR Creative is a full service advertising agency, marketing firm, design studio, and interactive marketing agency. CGR Creative prides itself on supporting their customers in a way that larger agencies can’t, often times committing all their resources to ensure the success of their client’s projects. CGR Creative’s fundamental belief is that the client’s success is their success. The agency, with an office in Charlotte, North Carolina, is fully bi-lingual, with a Latino marketing division that offers a variety of marketing channels that are specifically targeted to reach the Hispanic market.

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