Friday, May 7, 2010

Hidden Marlboro Advertising in Formula 1?

 As with almost all other forms of racing, Formula 1 took a huge hit when cigarette companies were no longer allowed to advertise on the cars, tracks, broadcasts, etc. Well, recently it seems like Marlboro may be blurring the lines... LITERALLY.

These are images of the new Ferrari Formula 1 race car sponsored in part by Phillip Morris makers of Marlboro cigarettes. We'll let you be the judge.

Here is the top view of the 2010 Ferrari Scuderia (Marlboro) F1 car which does not seem to be controversial at all.
 The side view begins to illustrate our point. If you are familiar with the Marlboro brand the "bar code" looking section should at least remind you of the cigarette brand's logo.
This angled view was the clincher for us. Look at it and imagine the car passing you at race speed. What impression will you be left with?

Here is the Marlboro sponsored Ferrari from 2005 before the tobacco companies were forced out. It illustrates both how much of a role tobacco played in the sport and it goes to show how closely the new graphics resemble the Marlboro logo.

The branding goes beyond just the car and can be found on everything associated with the team including uniforms, equipment, advertising, promotional items, etc.

At this point it should be pretty clear that Marlboro is back in Formula 1.

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