Tuesday, May 11, 2010

CGR Creative of Charlotte Takes you on a Tour of their new TrackIt Advertising Software

CGR Creative of Charlotte Takes you on a Tour of their new TrackIt Advertising Software

CGR's new TrackIt software allows advertisers like you to track every aspect of marketing efforts. Now you can measure and optimize the performance of your marketing and advertising efforts.  By placing unique call measurement numbers on each of your marketing mediums, (i.e. website, print, direct-mail, radio) you can discover which ads deliver the most, and best, leads.

You know marketing goes beyond placing a few ads and hoping for the best. Our platform makes your company smarter and more efficient.

TrackIt Targeting
  • Ensure callers and web visitors reach the right agent at the right time.  Our communication software uses intelligent routing rules, ensuring you will no longer miss important leads or communication.
TrackIt Analytics
  • Take the guesswork out of advertising Track phone calls, chats, and clicks that result from print and web campaigns
  • Show which ads are working and give you the most bang for your buck

TrackIt Awareness
  • Deliver the right message everytime Incoming conversations are preceded by a quick audible announcement about the referring source that generated the lead
  • Calls and chats from your website will be associated with the  exact keywords that led the visitor to the website and then every page that was viewed prior to the conversation

TrackIt Knowledge
  • Gain insight into how well you communicate with your customers and salespeople

TrackIt Website Tracking
  • Fast implementation - simply load our script on all of your web pages 
  • Track referring websites and keywords that lead to a website visit 
  • Add value by assigning specific conversion goal pages 
    • A retailer’s directions page 
    • Service appointment form confirmation at a car dealership
  • Listen to actual phone calls and see the visitor’s click path that led him/her to pick up the phone
  • Email reports - schedule or send personalized e-mails containing the exact information you want to share
TrackIt Live Website Chat
  • The online chat tool offers immediate online assistance to your website’s users. Chat provides great scalability for your staff, as a single agent can handle numerous simultaneous conversations
  • Provide quick responses to visitors on your website 
  • Convert “just looking” visitors into viable leads 
  • Chat icon only appears when someone is present to field questions 
  • Analyze referring sites and keywords that led to a chat  
  • Reduce operating costs and increase productivity 
  • Instantly engage website visitors 
  • View a visitor’s click path leading to and after a chat
  • Take web analytics to the next level by measuring the phone calls that your site produces.  Now you can relate phone calls to the specific referring sites and keywords that lead to an offline conversion
About CGR Creative: Charlotte based CGR Creative is a full service advertising agency, marketing firm, design studio, and interactive marketing agency. CGR Creative prides itself on supporting their customers in a way that larger agencies can’t, often times committing all their resources to ensure the success of their client’s projects. CGR Creative’s fundamental belief is that the client’s success is their success. The agency, with an office in Charlotte, North Carolina, is fully bi-lingual, with a Latino marketing division that offers a variety of marketing channels that are specifically targeted to reach the Hispanic market.

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