Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Summer Office Style: Suits

Maintaining stylish looks during summer-time heat can be quite tricky, but not impossible. The bar is raised when trying to sustain your fashion appeal in a more business conscience setting, such as the corporate office. When dress-codes are a factor, or an event requires you to dress more formally, do not worry; there’s a way to continue to be stylish without dying from heat exhaustion.

Two fabric’s you’ll want to have, hold, and cherish: linen and light cotton.  They’ll never forsake you in the hot and sticky months, and did I mention how well they breathe? May I suggest investing in a few light-cotton and linen suits?  They’ll have you looking as though you’re ready for a productive day at the office, while you feel like you're casual and ready for a night out. This season is meant for bright colors and laid back comfort, so why not do both? Don’t be afraid to add some summer time flair to your ensembles; it is “SUMMER” after all. Try putting on some accessories with your suits (Beaded bracelet, colored strap watch,  etc. ), lose the laces on the foot wear, and let your ankles breathe like the rest of your body. Try on some loafers or some casual sneakers; its summer time, act like it.

Fit: The materials linen and light cotton are designed to be a little loose fitted and flowing for comfort, but that doesn’t mean you should forget about fit; it’s still very important. Look for shirts and jackets with a slim flattering fit, high armhole, slim sleeve, and pants that are more of a straight leg fit. I would also recommend looking for a jacket with a more natural shoulder. A soft shoulder (jacket with a small shoulder pad) is more appropriate when worn casually. GAP and J.CREW are two brands that consistently design jackets of this caliber every Spring/Summer season.

Color Tips: Allow your style to talk through your accessories and shoes, keep your suit on the classy side. You want to look good in the office, not appear as if you’re trying to break the dress-code. With that said, try putting your stamp on a few colors like dark British khaki, deep olive, navy blue or, even, the mostly overlooked,  brown; they’ll be some great colors to own.

After a day at the office, unbutton the shirt, and remove the tie. Take it casual with a t-shirt and some sneakers for a quick summer weekend or night out.

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