Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The (Yes THE) CGR Creative Web Design Checklist: Part 1- Favicons

Good Website Design is Authoritative
The web is full -- full of more stuff than one person can read in many lifetimes.  How do you stand out?


Authority is what makes a website stand out.
We have all seen websites that look homemade.  An authority site is polished. 

Polish is obtained in the details.

All polished authority sites use favicons.   You will be very hard-pressed to find an authority website that does not use  favicons.
Favicons are the little emblem that show at the top in your browser next to your website’s title.

In this image you can see the flame icon and the twitter bird icon on the tabs above. 
Favicons are subtle, but these small subtle steps are the difference between an authority site that wins appeal and a marginal site that gets the back button.
Be an authority.  Charlotte’s greatest web designers are standing by.
CGR Creative
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